Sunday, November 9, 2014


Sometimes, okay most the time I really don't think that the majority understands what marriage means. Yes it is forever, but it is a team effort. It means talking, trying to problem solves and learning to move on together, as a team! When you marry someone, that selfish (me me me) feeling should go out the window and out of your vocabulary.  From the words "I do" on, you should be thinking about how to strength the other person.

And that goes onto a little rant about parenting or becoming a parent. Yes it's "fun" to go through a pregnancy, but at the end of it you become a parent, FOR LIFE! You are then in charge of another human being!

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Made in the USA?

As I travel further and further through the internet (as far as purchasing is concerned) I am finding less trust in American made products. Especially for my children. With baby wipes I wish I knew about Water Wipes sooner, and Bambo Nature Diapers for diapers. I have given up on Huggies after finding what looks like blood stains on "new" wipes. I notified Huggies only to be given a "sorry" and $5 coupon. Are you kidding me?!

Now I've found another company (surprise, not in America) who take the time in making good quality winter clothes. No surprise, they're located in Canda, Hatley. Received the full length (that's right from the top of their head to the bottom of their foot) snow suit, I have no doubt my child will be warm.